Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Bio-dog and New omega Human-pup

We lost one beloved bio-puppy.  We acquired a new bio-puppy who now has a funny name.  And I picked up a stray human-puppy along the way.

Our weekend began on a sad note regarding one of our bio-puppies: Branwen, our 9-year-old white lab/husky mix.  Poor Branwen was bit by a venomous spider (probably a brown recluse) a couple of weeks ago.  She was back a forth to the vet a lot the last couple of weeks, staying over night a couple of times.  We'd try some things and she'd start to recover but then relapse.  The toxin apparently caused her to turn anemic (her white blood cells were attacking her red blood cells) and some ulcers opened up in her stomach causing more blood loss.  Finally, after trying almost everything, and with her too weak to walk anymore, we had her euthanized early Saturday morning. :(

Because our wolf-dog Thunder has such bad separation anxiety and goes bananas if he's ever left alone without a pack-mate, we knew we had to get another dog right away.  We went to our local no-kill rescue on the way home from the vet Saturday and adopted a beautiful Great Pyrenees whom we named LeeLoo Dallas Multipass - or just LeeLoo for short.  She's three years old.  I think she's around 70 lbs right now (?) but underweight.  She is very beta; she has the sweetest temperament.  She's an extreme snuggle-bug who will try to crawl into your lap.  So far she is getting on with Thunder.  He snarls at her from time to time, but hasn't been at all dangerously aggressive.  I think they'll soon become good pack-mates.

It was very nice though this to have the support and love of our friends and chosen family.  Friday, we had Poet up here and my human-pup pack-mates: Bishop, Gwynn, and Alpha-pup Loki; and we were also joined by my new omega puppy Cuddles.  Cuddles is fairly new to the BDSM lifestyle (under a year still, I think) and has only identified as a pup since 2 weeks ago – but I think he’s an innate human-puppy much like myself.  He’s a pug and (as the name implies) he’s a snuggle-bug.  He was curious about puppy play and joined our first mosh at SELF last month and we puped-out at CAPEX after that.  Then he came down to Atlanta Dominion with me, and I gave him one of my old dog collars to wear or he weekend, figuring it would help him feel more comfortable and get into the pup headspace.  He had a great time and really liked the collar… so we agreed that he could have that collar as his own first puppy collar and I’d make him a tag:  “CUDDLES omega of beta pup Emrys”  *wags*

So, if you’re just familiar w/ traditional M/s dynamics this is maybe a bit confusing especially because I am not a Dominant.  How, you ask, can someone wear your collar if you aren't dominant!?  Well, basically, think about an actual dog pack:

When you have human (i.e. non-puppy) Dominants in charge, they are commonly identified as Hander or Trainer… or Owner if they actually own the pup as their 24/7 property.  (e.g. Shdwkitten is my Owner.)  At least that’s how I look at it: Hander/Trainer is more like a Top role during a scene while Owner implies a relationship status.

Then, as w/ a real dog-pack, you have Alphas: human-pups who are Dominants… and usually sadists who enjoy biting and clawing and hurting the other puppies.  (e.g. Sir Loki is our Alpha-pup – and he often also takes the role of Hander during a scene when we want to play and mosh.)

And then you have your beta and omega pups who relate to one-another kind of like senior and junior submissive – or as I often like to use, big-brother and little brother.  Hunter and I started to identify as beta/omega this spring at Frolicon.  It’s hardly a heavy-protocol D/s thing – I get to hold his leash sometimes and he’s usually quick to fetch me a drink or something like that if I need something – but he’s my mischievous “little brother.”  And now (bringing this rabbit trail full circle) I have another omega: Cuddles.  Yay!

So Cuddles got to wear his collar and shinny, new tag at CAPEX Saturday, and I was very proud of him.  He’s such a good, little doggie.  Other highlights included an awesome dinner at a super-authentic Italian restaurant, Ma’am wearing a sexy black mesh dress, playing w/ my new puppy while Poet stuck porcupine quills in my electrically charged Owner, Sir tying Gwynn and I together and beating the hell out of both of us, I got to give Bishop and Gwynn their breed pins to go w/ their pack vests (Bishop actually got a button b/c nobody makes Hyena pins – but it looks great on his vest), fun in the Jacuzzi tub w/ puppies and littles, finishing the night w/ more sexy fun time w/ my omega, and finishing off the weekend by curling up w/ the family to laugh and watch Peter Sellers in A Shot in the Dark, the best, classic Pink Panther flick.

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