Saturday, July 5, 2014

Two Plugs in Want of Pun

I tried to come up w/ a clever pun b/c one of these plugs is about keeping your tail in, but I got nothing, so leave your own pun in the comments and the best one gets a no-prize.

So, I want to plug a specific post by GPup-Alpha: "Why I Want to Bite Some People."  He starts: "A good mate of mine wrote to me very upset, he was in pain, and worse he felt humiliated. The night before my friend had decided to head out to his local leather bar in his pup gear. He was really proud, he looks great and he wanted to give his new tail (one of the new colored SquarePeg tails) a spin."

Like GPup's unfortunate friend, most of us pups have had to face the issue of some jackass wanting to tug our tail.  GPup's post explains why that's uncool, and he gives some good advice for pups who want to wear their tails out in public.  (Plus it has a fantastic photo of his really amazing ass wrapped in some kind of neoprene suit - seriously, go look.)

My second plug is for a blog one of my best friends started late last year called Thoughtful Mirth.  "Serious reflections about the world of entertainment."  He writes very smart and fun pieces about classic rock, video games (history and industry), movie reviews, entertainment theory, and hidden gems.  If you have an interest in any of that stuff, check it out:

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