Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Plugs, Weekend Highlights, & Pack Plans

Sir Loki interviewed on KinkyCast, a pug falls in love with an electric chair, and 2014 looks good for plenty of puppy time…

First, a few more plugs:

The KinkyCast was at SELF this year and recorded about a dozen very good, quick interviews w/ the likes of Flossie, Dr. Clockworks, Laura Antoniou, and Orange:
(Laura’s interview, in particular, is great!)

And I especially want to highlight one.  They did a quick interview w/ my Alpha, Sir Loki, during our second (more subdued) puppy mosh of the weekend.  Sir talks about what pup play is, where it came from, different types of pups, misconceptions about puppies…  You should check it out:

I also want to pre-plug an upcoming podcast dedicated to puppy play being put-together by Pup Dante in North Florida.  It’s “The Mosh Pit.”  Episode 1 isn’t out yet, but he has an episode 00 preview up on podcastgarden.com

I’ve plugged them before, but I’ll mention again the NoSafeWord podcast – it’s the funniest and most well produced kink podcast I know, and they are very pup friendly!  I think they’ve had more pups on as guests than anything else… AND they will be recording a live show at (this is a double-plug) Southeast Black & Blue (where my pack will be, and my family is teaching a couple of classes).  Looking forward to that – but if you don’t have your ticket yet, act fast b/c they are w/in 20 tickets selling out!

Okay, plugs aside, what else is going on?

So last weekend was Atlanta Dominion, our all-male play party.  And I’m just going to do the highlight reel thing this time around:

We had Bishop as our houseguest for the last week.  It was nice to spend time w/ him.

Got to spend some more fun time w/ a brand new puppy, Cuddles, and I’m really enjoying getting to know him and seeing him explore new things.  He’s a natural pup: a snuggly pug lap dog.  And he has that new puppy smell.

Saturday night, we had a fairly well assembled pack at 1763 (one of Atlanta’s dungeons), and that was great: Sir and me, Hunter, Bishop and Gwynn.  I’m a lucky wolfhound to have such fantastic pack-mates.

During an Atlanta Bound rope demo, Sir started to occupy himself by tying four of his pups together wrist-to-wrist-to-wrist-to-wrist.  LOL.  What could possibly go wrong?

That night (Saturday) we got to see Sir give Bishop his pack vest, and Bishop got just a little teary eyed.  Sir gives all of us in the “core pack” (those of us who recognize Loki as our Alpha) a leather vest w/ the puppy pride flag patched on the back, a bone-shaped name tag, and a breed pin (for which Bishop poses a unique challenge b/c he’s a hyena, and hyena pins are hard to come by).  So, congratulations again to my laughing pack-mate!

And the Saint Bernard tied me to a cross and beat the hell out of me – using only his Florentine floggers and one paddle… well, and his teeth and claws.  As usual, Sir and I have awesome energy when we play together, and he leaves me high as a kite.  Woof!

Sunday, Dominion was fun.  We got a mini-mosh going: Me, Cuddles, MadeIn88 – and then Ace and Soma got on the mats as we were winding down.  One of the things I love about Dominion: there can be 6 or 7 of us in the dining room talking and suddenly someone points out that everyone in the room is a puppy!  I got to introduce Cuddles to some people, and he got affectionately petted, humped, and groped.  There was sexy-fun-time w/ the pack on the smoking patio.  And I enjoyed watching Cuddles fall in love w/ the electric chair – and he hasn’t even been in it yet, LOL.

Upcoming 2014 pack plans:
We’re going to have a mini puppy invasion at CAPEX this month.
Next month is the afore mentioned Southeast Black & Blue at the Atlanta Eagle
September is Dominion again
October is the big CAPEX Halloween floor party, and I know Sir, at least, is going to make it up for that
November, my family will be at the Upstate Steam con in SC, and then it’s Dominion again
December: Chrstma-Hanu-Quansa-Yule gathering at the Treehouse

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