Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Pack Structure

It usually starts w/ something like, “So… I’m going to be nosey…”  A couple of times at SELF, I had people ask me about my pack and how it “works.”  I gather from Pepper’s post (love the title: “A Pup and his Alpha… andHIS Alpha… and HIS other Pup”) that he has also gotten questions about how our arrangement.

I’ll preface this by saying that dog packs are an organic structure and the relationships are not always defined in a highly formalized way… or as Sir puts it, “As long as you all know that I’m Alpha, I don’t care; you work it out.”  My point being… this is how I look at it, but I would be unsurprised to learn my pack-mates have slightly different viewpoints.

So… Sir Loki is of course the Alpha Pup.  He’s the big dog in charge.  Sir identifies as a Saint Bernard (he has a habit for rescuing strays, and he usually carries some booze stashed on him somewhere).  He started in the community a few years ago as a subby-boy/pup… but after an injury last year left him unable to bottom anymore he managed to get in touch w/ his inner sadist and made the shift to an Alpha pup/Sir.

Then we have our two beta pups: Tebow and myself.  Tebow (AKA OJ) is the beta-top.  He’s collared to Loki but doesn’t belong to him… yeah, that’s a little confusing, but I’ll come back to that.  He’s a beagle.  A self-described boy/pup hybrid, he’s mostly a gear & bondage fetishist who enjoys pupping-out when he gets an opportunity.  (Although at SELF he seemed to be embracing his inner muppet.)  This month marks Tebow’s first year in the BDSM community.

I’m the other beta dog.  Where Tebow is the beta-top, I’m a bit more like an “alpha-sub.”  I’m older than Tebow by about 15 years, and I’m also the most experienced member of the pack.  I’ve been active in the BDSM world for 10 years and identified as a pup for 7 of those years.  (Which is not to say that I don’t still have a few cherries yet to be picked… Sir… hint, hint…)  But this is my first puppy pack, and I’ve belonged to Sir for only about two months.  Still, I’m the most innate puppy in the pack and live it 24/7 at home.  As a serious masochist, I’m also the pack’s pain-puppy.  *wags*

Then there’s our gamma pup, Pepper.  Pepper, who's been in the scene for only a few months, sort of belongs to Tebow… but he identifies as a wolf pup, and thus inherently un-trainable.  So “belongs to Tebow” mostly consists of the beagle barking orders, the wolf pup ignoring him, and Sir & I laughing as Tebow tries to regain some kind of control.  LOL.

That covers of the “official” members of Sir Loki’s pack.  We also have some “orbitals” – various other pups, furries, and a blue raccoon (WTF!?) floating around that aren’t technically attached to us.

Now… the question everybody really wants to know when they begin the “I’m going to be nosey” conversation is, “Do you guys all have sex together?”  Well, haven’t you ever heard of a puppy pile?  It is safe to say, the four of us are on very familiar terms, how about that?  ;~)

The next question is, are you all boyfriends/poly?  While there is a large amount of affection, kinship, and brotherhood between us, in fact, none of us are romantically involved w/ one-another.  Sir has a husband he’s been w/ for like 10 years, and I have an Owner – the love of my life – whom I’ve been with for almost as long.  “The children” are each looking for a significant other… so despite the collars and tags, the boys are available.  (Any cute guys out there looking for a yummy bondage-beagle or a very affectionate wolf-pup to take in?)

So that covers the canine branch of my family.  There are various other branches... which is why I joke that my family structure resemboles a diagram of a protean molecule.  But my pack-mates certainly hold a special (and growing) place in my heart.  *wags*

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