Friday, June 1, 2012

Sleeping Assignments

My Owner was away from home for most of the last week… but, least I feel neglected, she always left me w/ some “assignments” regarding my sleeping arrangements.  See, I always sleep in my dog kennel beside her bed… but she left me w/ instructions to sleep w/ my tail in and/or my hood on.

I have slept in my leather hood before on a few previous occasions when Ma’am instructed me to do so.  I don’t get to wear it a lot b/c my Owner doesn’t have much of a gear/bondage fetish (except for her leather straightjacket when she bottoms… but that’s another story) – she’s primarily into S/m with some D/s (but that’s really only w/ me)… but she’s pretty light on the B.  I like the bondage/gear stuff, and when I do get to wear my hood to bed, it puts me in a great headspace, and keeps me pretty horny throughout the night.

I’ve never slept w/ my tail in before.  It’s always a toss-up w/ how long I can keep my tail in.  Sometimes it will stay firmly in for hours, but other days it doesn’t want to stay in.  I think it’s a salt-level-in-my-bloodstream thing.  You know, like sometimes how your wedding ring fits loose, but other time’s they’re real tight…  Anyway, this week I was in luck and my tail stayed in all night two nights in a row!  It really helped keep me in a wiggly, waggly puppy headspace all through the night.  :)

Now, this all sounds great, but there’s a catch… b/c my Owner is a sadist.  She hasn’t allowed me to cum in 10 days… and I’m not allowed to cum until (at least) SoutheastLeather Fest, another 7 days away (at which it will still depend on me getting permission from my Alpha Pup… *sigh*).  So my Owner knows how horny I am already… plus she plays w/ me and edges me almost every day when she’s at home… then when she’s away she has me wear my hood and tail – knowing how even more horny that makes me – but doesn’t give me permission to play w/ myself.  Of course, she knows that in that headspace it’s really hard not to – and so that just gives her an excuse to punish me when she gets home.  *sigh*

And of course she said that she’s going to take it up another level and make this next week real hell on me.  I’ve already warned Sir that he should expect to have a desperately horny puppy on his hands (or at his feet... humping his leg) at SELF.

Seven more days… 


  1. Just think, all this pent up energy will make SELF all the better. Just remember, SELF lasts an entire weekend ;)


  2. Speaking of sleeping arrangements, bring your hood and tail to SELF. And something to make sleeping on the floor comfortable, cause we've got a king bed and three people in it already. ;)