Monday, June 18, 2012

SELF (part 4) Sunday

Sunday morning, Sir and I were the first two to awake in our pack's hotel room.  He invited his hound into bed… and I went to work “wishing him good morning.”  Tebow (in bed next to Sir) woke up and soon joined in.  (Bonus!)  Now… this was also 19 days since I had last been allowed to shoot… so I was a very horny puppy-dog.  Fortunately, my Owner had sent Sir a good report card, so Sir allowed me to have an orgasm… which in turn led to Sir asking me, “So, just out of curiosity… when was the last time you shot over your head?”  ;)

Finally it was time to dress and pack-up.  First, I knelt before Sir for him to unlock my collar so that I could shower (I was a sticky, sweaty puppy-dog), and then afterwards, I knelt again as Sir locked my collar back on.  It was a quiet moment w/o fanfare, but not w/o significance to me since, in seven years, no Dominant besides my Owner has been allowed to (un)lock her collar around my neck.  My Owner has been so wonderful and encouraging in allowing me to pursue a secondary D/s relationship.  At SELF (and also at SITS), Pup Nitro talked about the importance of allowing boys to grow in the direction they need to go, and Ma’am has been awesome in helping me explore this new situation in my life.  (Thank you, Ma’am; I Ruff you!)

(By the way… I just realized that I have gotten this far in my narrative and as yet failed to explain that my Owner, Shdwkitten, decided to skip SELF.  (1) She wanted to spend time w/ this new boyfriend she has.  (2) She’s feeling a little burnt-out on the kink community – LF weekend-before-SELF, The Warehouse this weekend, CAPEX next weekend – and felt the need to take a little break from it.)

Sir went to the Masters’ Roundtable (he said something about how w/ the three of us he needs all the help he can get... I don't know what he was talking about...) while the pups loaded-up the cars.  Tebow won a basket in the auction, so I went w/ him to pick that up.  He got a nice motorcycle jacket that looks damn good on him.  Appropriately my new pack-brother bought the basket donated by my old pack-mate, Andy, who won the Bootblack title at SELF.

When Sir’s roudtable let out, I had an opportunity to introduce Sir to NCMaster (an old friend of mine and the elder patriarch of Charlotte-area pansexual community).  NCMaster told one of his great stories about a particularly evil interrogation scene he did… after which a grinning Alpha pup declared, “I like your friends!”  We’re talking about maybe holding an interrogation party in Atlanta… and I shared my view that in interrogation play, it’s best not to do it w/ someone you have a D/s relationship w/ b/c the play is so antagonistic.  When we do it (in NC) the Tops always trade bottoms, and that has worked well.

The pack spit-up for a couple of hours… I just wandered and said “hey” to some folks.  Then Sir and I joined-up to sit in on Pup Nitro’s class on being a boy.  It’s a very good class – enough so that, I think I got as much out of it seeing the second time as I did when I first saw it at SITS.  Plus, I also just enjoy being able to sit at Sir’s feet while in class.  I rub his legs… he scritches my back and plays w/ my hair… it’s a happy place.  :)

After Nitro’s class it was time to feed.  They provided burgers, dogs, and grilled chicken.  We ate while they drew door prize winners.  CAPEX cleaned-up; I think almost half the prizes were won by CAPEXians... and Sir managed to snag a paddle and a box of cigars.  And then it was time to say goodbye and head for home.

I had a very good time spending the weekend w/ my pack.  It wasn't perfect, and we had a road-bump or two... but all four of us are new to the puppy-pack dynamic, and we're all experiencing things for either the first time or in a new way... so we're still learning.  As I like to say, life is like playing a musical instrument in public while you are simultaneously learning both the music and the instrument as you go.  There's plenty of "bad notes," but if you stick w/ it and play w/ passion then you get better at it w/ time.  For us right now, most of it is about us learning to trust one-another (beginning w/ putting our trust in Sir Loki and filtering down from there)... and on that score, I think we're proceeding fairly well.

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