Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SELF (part 2), Saturday day

I missed the first day of the con (Friday) b/c I had to work.  That really bit b/c it meant I couldn’t be there to help Sir w/ his puppy play class scheduled at a ridiculously early time Friday morning.  *grumble*

So I arrived at the con Saturday morning.  Sir was in Boomer’s 3 hour whip intensive acquiring a new skill. (Yeaaaaa for whips!)  Pepper was working a volunteer shift… so I joined Tebow for breakfast.  It was nice to have a chance to sit and talk w/ my little brother-pup.  SELF marked his one-year anniversary of being active in the lifestyle.  In many ways, he does actually remind me of me about 10 or 15 years ago…  (And it turns out that he hates making phone calls almost as much as I do!  LOL.)

Sir got out of his class just in time for me to run off to join the CAPEX crowd for a special presentation.  On behalf of the community, NCMaster presented a very deserving lady w/ her leather boots.  In my opinion, this lady receiving her boots in front of a dozen of her friends was more significant and meaningful than all the beauty pageant contest stuff that SELF is built around.  This was someone being recognized by her community (not some panel of judges) for years worth of sustained effort (not “I fell off the turnip truck yesterday, but I made a pretty speech and look good in a cocktail dress/jock strap”).  And really I don’t want to poo-poo on the title holders…  Some of them are very worthy of accolades.  (Some… are not.)  My issue is really w/ this contest system that’s aimed (it looks to me) at putting on a good show for the audience (pageantry) and thus earning money for event producers… rather than recognizing and sponsoring community teachers, organizers, and mentors.  When you base the selection of your community leaders around who does or does not tuck their shirt in…  I mean, come on!

Speaking of which… (after pizza w/ Sir Alan & Nitro) Sir took us to the titleholders’ panel.  Mostly we went to support (or heckle) Pup Nitro, since none of us have any interest in the contests.  It was actually pretty hysterical when an old friend of mine who is now Mr. International something walked in and saw me.  With a totally confused look he was like, “Um… Emrys… are you… thinking about running for a title?????”  LOL.  I assured him that, no, he had not slid into some strange, parallel universe.  And then, as if on cue, in barges She-who-must-nit-be-named.  This “person” “won” a title contest (she was the only contestant)… had her title stripped from her for excessively bad behavior below and short of the call of human decency… ran again for another title and was shunned by a significant portion of the audience… and here she was wearing yet another title sash.  Really!?  Seriously!?  *sigh*

Tebow then went on volunteer shift and Pepper was napping in the hotel room.  Sir wanted to grab a shower, so I laid down for a bit.  As soon as Sir got out of the shower he got pounced on by one very horny wolfhound.  I was quickly on the floor between his legs doing my very best to make Sir a happy Alpha pup… which is how we were when the beagle walked in on us… so he stripped and joined in!  Caught kneeling between my Alpha and his boy, I was a happy, horny hound-dog!

Eventually Pepper woke-up… and I somehow ended-up tied to a chair and hooded.  Sir had to go get his boots blacked and Tebow had to go… somewhere – I can’t remember.  So, I was left tied to a chair and blind w/ the wolf pup to keep me company.  He started running his hands over me… and rubbing against me… eventually I realized that he was wearing a zenti suit.  Yum!  Then I heard Tebow come back in.  “What that hell are you two doing!?”  But in a flash, Tebow was suited-up.  The beta-Top changed my bondage and moved me to the bed.  He pulled off my hood… and I was staring up at one of the strangest and HOTEST sights in my life – two delicious puppy-boys in black zenti suits standing over me while I was bound, almost naked, and helpless on the bed.  *panting*  They both molested me for a while until Tebow threw Pepper into bondage as well so he could molest both of us.  Eventually Tebow got off… and released the two of us.  Which is about the moment when Sir walked back into the room.  "What the hell are you three doing!?"

I’m not sure, but I think the whole scene for me went on for like 2 hours from when Sir got out of the shower until he returned w/ his boots blacked.  It was seriously hot!

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