Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Sort of Homecoming

My gypsy-Owner occasionally gets spells of wanderlust and has to vanish from home for a few days… off to stay in Atlanta or Charlotte or Raleigh or South Carolina… or wherever she ends-up.  This generally works well for me b/c, being such an introvert, it’s nice to have the house to myself for a few days.  But I still miss her while she’s away.

However, the homecoming often makes-up for the absence.  Ma’am always reminds me that I am “her heart and her home” and that she will always come back to her loyal hound.  :)

Yesterday, she returned from 3 days on the road.  I was so thrilled to see her when I got in from work – she was home once more to once more lock me into my collar.  That “click” is quite possibly the greatest sound on earth.  She had dinner ready… and during dinner she teased me w/ stories of her various sexual escapades w/ a guy she recently met on OKCupid… so I was at least semi-hard throughout the meal.  Right after dinner she sent me straight to my studio which is also our primary play room.  There, she proceeded to beat the hell out of me w/ a couple of canes and a wooden, toy short-sword she picked-up at a Scottish Games event that makes a hellacious paddle.  Of course there was also bighting and scratching involved.  Yummy!!!

Right after that, she made plans for us to go see the Avengers movie.  She first had me put a plug in my ass and pull a turtle-neck over my collar (we have to be very incognito in our hometown).  I got to sit through the movie w/ my collar locked around my neck, sore from my beating, a plug secretly filling my ass, pre-cum dribbling in my pants, and drooling over Black Widow.  WOOF!

Then it was back home, and me into my doggy kennel for the night – horny and frustrated.  (Every time I complain about how horny I am, Ma’am always responds, “That’s how puppies are supposed to be.”)  Yes, it was one very excellent homecoming!

And tonight... Ma'am's taking me to Kinky Karaoke!

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  1. I'm right there with you on the "click" of a padlock. I need to look into that plug thing sometime...