Thursday, May 10, 2012

What a difference 3 months make…

This was my second Atlanta Dominion – a quarterly, all-male dungeon party.  Definitely some changes since my first Dominion three months ago.  At my first one, Sir Loki came up to me and asked, “So, do you feel like spending some time on the cross?”  This time, it was more a matter of Sir telling me where, when... and what to wear.  LOL.  At my first event, I knew hardly anyone there… and of the few I knew all but three of the met-him-once variety.  This time I was part of the puppy pack and the ice (at least w/ them) was already very broken.

Some highlights include:

Pup Pepper (immediately upon my arrival) confessed to me that he has a “married man fantasy.”  LOL.  Not sure what we’ll do about that, but I’m sure we can come up w/ something…

I quite enjoyed seeing Jake in his shinny new collar.  He seemed very pleased to be wearing it.  It’s amazingly transformative – to have that locked around your neck…  It really gives you liberty to let go, relax, and give-up control to someone you trust to take care of you.

I had a wonderful scene w/ Sir.  We’ve always had highly compatible play styles, but I think he’s getting even better at pushing my “yummy” buttons.  This was the first time we played w/ my leather hood on.  That was cool – I love kissing through the leather hood.  One thing that seems to work well is that he cuffed my hands to the cross, but tied my ankles w/ rope that had a bit of slack.  That seems to be a good approach b/c I tend to hop and move a lot when I play, and I’ve already started a tear in one of Sir’s ankle cuffs.  By using the rope, he can keep my legs spread but still allow me to “dance.”

Apart from that, there were two particularly outstanding aspects to this scene.  The first was that my pack-mates Tebow and Pepper were playing in the room w/ us.  I couldn’t see a lot of what they were doing, but I got occasional glimpses… and definitely enjoyed their added energy.  There was a very nice symmetry to Sir beating the tar out of his pain-puppy, while 8’ away the beta-Top was teasing “poor” Pup Pepper.

The second really cool aspect to this scene came when it “ended.”  Sir began to take me down from the cross – too early as far as I was concerned; I was like, “Please more,” but I don’t know if someone was waiting to use the play-space or if Sir’s arm just got tiered.  (Maybe I can take anything he can dish out!?)  But, as it happens, the scene didn’t end, so much as transitioned.  Sir put on my gear for me and dropped me straight into pup-mode (not a big leap when I’ve been on the cross, flogged, licked, and bitten).  That was so perfect.  I loved it!  I spent some time on all fours, drifting in and out of various depths of my pup headspace.  I love being a pup in the dungeon!  So many great sounds and smells and shinny things...

Later, some guys did a rather cool scene w/ a violet wand.  They chained the bottom facing-up on a table.  Then they hung the (solid state) violet wand from the ceiling above him and attached a long (like 4’), thin chain to it.  The chain was exactly long enough to caress the body of the bottom as it swung back and forth, zapping him as it went along.  Very cool.

While that was happening, Sir had tied-up his beagle and was teasing him rather mercilessly.  He summoned me over to lend a hand, and, Loki being Loki, before I knew it I had a vibrating toy down my pants and was grinding-up against my “little brother” while the Alpha Pup circled us, biting and teasing.  Woof! 

The event ended w/ Sir and I on the couch… and I have to once again remind myself that, w/ long hair like mine, hair-bands are like condoms – always have one on you b/c you never know when you might need it!  Unfortunately I had to prematurely leave (although premature leaving is better than premature coming) b/c photo-hour was about to start, so it was either leave or go back in the hood...  It was a good event, and I already look forward to the next Dominion party in another 3 months.

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  1. For the record, someone was hovering and wanting the cross... ;)