Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring 2012 Treehouse Party

We have a great party house.  It sits on an acre of wooded land (we see deer all the time) w/ a big pond behind us.  2300 square-feet w/ an open floor-plan.  Our friends dubbed our placed “the Treehouse” b/c the house is built out of several miss-matched types of wood – mostly reclaimed barn wood I think – and we have a tree trunk as a support beam downstairs.  The place was built in the early 1980s by this very butch, lesbian artist.  She called it the “California style,” but I think it’s really her own unique style… including the indoor hot-tub that overlooks the living room (which unfortunately isn’t running at the moment – we have a leaky pipe).

Since we moved-in, we have a tradition of throwing a Treehouse party twice a year: spring and fall.  We set-up a cross in the bedroom, this time a friend brought her massage table, we have a bondage bed in my studio, I have two locations in the house where I’ve fixed bolts into the ceiling (our house looks so odd already w/ all the salvaged wood, they just blend in), and the tree-trunk support beam which is great for cling-wrapping people to.  We generally cap the parties at abut 30, and we’ve had parties were we had five scenes going at once… and b/c the Treehouse has a pretty open floor-plan you have good flow and visibility on a lot of it. 

We had our spring fling Saturday night… and it was a very unusual party.  There were no BDSM scenes at all!  I don’t believe anybody even brought in a toy bag!  Usually when we have a party the foyer is full of toy bags.  For one thing, it was a smaller party than usual – I think we only had about 20 people at this one.  One other difference was that Ma’am had invited a lot more of the TNG crowed (20-somethings) to this party, and most of the more serious/experienced, 24-7 lifestylers we hang w/ either couldn’t make it or left the party early.

We did have some veteran lifestylers there… and one thing worth mentioning:  NCMaster told me about a scene he recently did that had to be one of the best interrogation mind-fucks of all time.  It was seriously awesome!  If you see me, ask me about it some time.

I think I had the best line at the party.  We were talking about the Avengers movie, and one of the TNG girls said, “I masturbated to Loki last night.”

To which I replied, “Really? I gave Loki a blowjob last weekend.”  Most of the room just looked at me confused, but a few got it and fell out of their chairs laughing.  :)

Not long after this I got pounced upon by four of the TNG girls… I puped-out, as at one time I had eight hands on me scritching, petting, rubbing… and at least a couple of tongues licking me… all belonging to four, pretty, hot, 20-something-year-old girls…  This could be Puppy Heaven.  *wags*

That was about the time the party shifted, and people began disappearing upstairs into the bedrooms in twos, fours… sixes (seriously! sex-with-six).  But no chains or floggers!  When did this become a swingers party?  Or a frat party? (Minus the loud, annoying music.)  Not that I can complain too much, since one of the young ladies spent the night w/ me on the floor in front of my kennel… but it was still a bit odd.  I like watching all the fun, hot BDSM scenes… and the ones we tend to have in the Treehouse generally have an especially fun energy about them… from great lines like, “Hump that tree, Pussy Boy!” to using a rubber chicken to beat someone with.  LOL.  Ma’am and I agreed that for our fall party we need to get some BDSM scenes going early.  Hopefully more of the older, 24-7 crowd will be available next time… and we’ll make sure the hot tub is working!

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