Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Years... and many more to come!

Tomorrow is not just Cinco de Mayo… it’s also the fifth anniversary of my wedding to my Owner – the love of my life and the center of my world.  We once had a Relationship SIG meeting where the topic was “The wedding ring vs. the collar.”  What is the significance of each?  Does one trump the other?  Since I wear both Ma’am’s collar and wedding band, we determined that for us, my ring is an extension of the collar.  I never think of myself as her “husband” – even the word just tastes wrong in my mouth.  I’m her hound – her faithful, loving canine companion (who just happens to spend most of his time on two legs).  Ma’am found me the coolest wedding ring on earth: a circle of Irish wolfhounds in Celtic knot-work.   It’s perfect, and I’ve never seen another like it.

As well as the wolfhound ring, at our wedding ceremony, I read to her a poem about the Irish wolfhound (its faithfulness, devotion, protectiveness…) and pledged to be her loyal wolfhound.  (My mom and all the vanilla relatives had NO clue that this also meant I would be spend my nights sleeping in a kennel and spend my time at home sitting on the puppy pillows, sprawled w/ the bio-dogs on the floor b/c Ma’am doesn’t allow us on the couch.  *grins*)

I will give thee a dog
which I got in Ireland.
He is huge of limb,
and for a follower equal to any able man.
Moreover, he hath a man's wit
and will bark at thine enemies
but never at thy friends.
And he will see by each man's face
whether he be ill or well disposed to thee.
And he will lay down his life for thee.

I especially like the part about my huge limb.  ;)

We’ve had the moments of disagreements that all couples do… but not too often and not too severely.  We’re highly compatible personalities, and whatever disagreements we do have are generally settled by a quick reminder that I’m her pet and she’s in charge.  I wouldn’t be complete w/o her, and (let’s be honest) Ma’am just couldn’t function w/o me.  *licks Owner playfully*

I know I’m biased… but I think the bond between Owner and dog is the purest form of devotion, fidelity, and love.  So, this Cinco de Myao, let me ask everybody to raise a margarita to all the Owners and dogs of the world (4-leggeed and 2-legged) whose love keeps the world going around.


  1. Cheers!

    *Raises his kiddie drink, and sips out the crazy straw*


  2. Truly you are my heart and my home. I may wander but I always find my way back to you. You are right, I could not function without you. You are my companion, my love, my protector and much of my strength.