Thursday, April 12, 2012

Frolicon, Part 2, Friday, My day in service

I’m a morning person.  This sucks at Con, b/c it means that even when I go to bed at 1:30AM I still wake up about 5:30.  *Grrr*  I stay on the floor and play on my computer until I hear my Owner and her wife are waking up around 8.  The three of us share stories of our adventures of the previous evening… and we agree unanimously that Ma’am wins the prize for “slutting-it-up.”  I grab a shower, and as I come out the ladies see Sir’s bite marks all over me.  I think their reaction was something like: “Jesus Christ!!!”  (Well, it was Easter…) I explained that Sir was just trying to make my red poison ivy rash blend in by turning the rest of me colors.

Before leaving the room, I goofed-up and said to my Owner, “I’m about to let you lock my collar on me.”

“LET me?” she asks… and when a correction doesn’t quickly come, she punches the shit out of a bruise from where Sir has already bit me repeatedly… AND tells me that I have to ask Sir to punish me too.  (Apparently serving two dominants means I get punished for everything twice.  Have these people never heard of double jeopardy!?)  At 9:45 I scamper down to the lobby to report to my prearranged Sir-for-the-day.  My punishment comes swiftly in the form of being forced to sit through the most boring 10AM class in con history.  It was just… painful.

Next stop was the vender’s room where Sir purchased some new toys… and informed me of his plan to experiment by Florentine flogging dragon tails on me.  *sigh*

As the morning progressed I found myself feeling a bit dizzy/faint.  I didn’t sleep much, was taking an ongoing beating/bighting, and I realized that I hadn’t eaten an actual meal in too long.  Sir took me up to the con suite where I shoveled away some food and hydrated.  I started feeling less shaky, but still felt like I needed some more sleep.  I finally managed to convince Sir that a nap would be a good idea.  This, however, is where I discovered that “nap” doesn’t mean the same thing to the Alpha Pup as it does to the rest of us.  “Nap” does mean we go to bed… it does not, however, imply that anything restful will happen there.  So, yeah, after a couple of hours of “napping” we both needed a shower, and I was no closer to feeling rested.

About this time Sir’s beagle-pup/boy arrived (he was away for the morning taking care of vanilla business), and my Owner called to invite us all out to lunch together.  The beagle joined us, but Sir decided that he needed to grab a couple of hours of sleep.  *rolls eyes*  (I’d have hit him, but… well, I want to keep all my limbs.)  I was glad his beagle joined us – he’s a great kid!  My family and friends all found him absolutely adorable.  I’m rather fond of him too; he’s like having a kid brother… but better, b/c I can make out w/ him.  ;)

Next on the schedule was the men-only play party.  It was a rather sparsely populated, low-key event… but Sir did get to try his Florentine dragon tail experiment on me… and nobody lost an eye!  (Him: “They said it couldn’t be done!”  Me: “No, Sir, they said it shouldn’t be done.”)  The flogging was great (My favorite thing!)… but then I really wanted to pup-out.  Traditionally, Ma’am would put me in pup-mode at Frolicon for several hours during the day – leading me around by leash to classes, events, or parties.  (My favorite thing!)  I love floggings and beatings, but I was definitely feeling an urge to be on all fours.  Of course, I could have just ASKED, and I’m pretty sure Sir would have dropped me into pup-mode… but… well…  *shrug*

We left the men-only party, and Sir took his crew out for dinner while I was at last given leave to go grab a couple of hours of sleep.  It was about 8:00PM when I reach our room… and arrive just as my Owner is finishing up w/ another boy of hers.  They finished up, and cleared out, and I hit the floor for a two-hour power nap.

So I woke at 10PM, called Sir, who was making his way back from dinner.  We met-up in the lobby… and decided to skip the Friday night dungeon party, as the line to get in was already out the door.  Instead he took us up to his room where he tortured the beagle for a while.  Other friends came and went from the room…  Eventually the three of us had the room to ourselves and some more intimate time.  I was a little worried that I was intruding on them (it felt very voyeuristic – hot, but kind of intrusive), but they didn’t show any signs that I was unwanted, and, well, I was still in-service to Sir, and he hadn’t dismissed me.  So I stayed w/ the two of them for a while… until about 2AM, when I said my good nights and headed up the three flights to my family’s hotel room.  (Thank you again, Sir, for letting me be yours for the day!)

When I arrived in our room, CF (my wife-in-law) invited me into bed to snuggle.  I was there approximately 12 seconds when Ma’am came through the door w/ another boy she picked-up and unceremoniously ordered us both off the bed.  (There’s a reason why Ma’am was once awarded the title of official Dragon*Con sex kitten.)  I let CF have the yoga matt I was using to sleep on, and I curled-up on the carpet… and quickly went to sleep (despite some wild monkey sex going on in that room).  By this point I was seriously horny… but also seriously tired-out!  And we still had a full day of Con ahead of us!

To be continued…

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  1. You were not the only one horny at that moment!!


    and thank you for the yoga mat and the giggling.