Sunday, April 15, 2012

Important Announcement!!!

Okay, so I’ve mentioned already that, much as I love CAPEX, my home club has felt a bit stale to me lately, and I’ve been looking for a change.  Mind you, CAPEX is a great group, but after 10 years of being there and volunteering almost every month I'm looking for some new experiences...  and particularly bothersome to me has been the lack of pup/boy energy around there, as it is a predominantly het, male-Top/fem-bottom group.  At first I thought maybe I was just looking for fellow pups to be around and soak-up some of their energy.  But then I soon found that the instinct to bond w/ a pack is greater than that.  After a couple of trips to visit some Georgia pups, I found I really would have liked to be accepted as a full member of a pack and not just a random pup who’s welcome to drop in now and again.

Problem was, to find a pack to properly belong to, I had a fairly specific set of requirements.
  • Given I am owned by, and devoted to, Shdwkitten, I’m not at all looking for a new Handler/Owner… so I was searching for an Alpha Pup who’s not, himself, looking to fully-collar a new submissive.
  • It seems that the pup-energy I’m searching for is a particularly (gay) male energy… which kind of further limits my search b/c it would have to be a pack that was comfortable w/ a “nominally straight” puppy who has a female Owner…
  • And (maybe most important of all) the Alpha would further have to be someone I feel a good chemistry with – someone I feel attracted to and submissive towards… which isn’t a whole lot of men for me.  I mean, I have many male friends who are skilled play-partners… but it’s different when you talk about being in an ongoing D/s (Alpha/beta) relationship w/ someone.
Right, so, on the one hand that describes a fairly narrow search parameter, does it not?  On the other hand… it also described this really cool Alpha Pup I already knew!

Let’s back up…  One year ago at Frolicon 2011, my lovely Owner arranges for me to have a play-date for my birthday w/ a certain puppy: Loki.  We’d seen him around at this-and-that con – never playing; never in pup-mode; just watching – and she’d been lusting after him for years.  LOL.  I never paid him too much attention, honestly… but, turns out, he was watching me.  He later told me that I was the first pup he saw doing pup-play in real life.  Last year, he caught me in pup-mode at Frolicon and gave me some great scritches as I loved up against him.  Ma’am saw him flogging somebody (Ah-ha; he’s a switch), and that gave her the brainstorm to approach Loki's Handler about having Loki give me my birthday beat-down.

It turned out to be one amazing scene!  I think from the first time we played there was just a great chemistry between us.  I’d been active in the lifestyle for 9 years at that point, and I’d played w/ some very expert Tops (Master Rorie, NCMaster, MasterZ… to drop a few names), but this scene immediately went into my top 4 or 5 of most memorable ever, and really it was just the simple fact that the chemistry between Loki and I was hot, hot, hot!  His play style is very similar to my Owner’s.  It’s very primal… w/ lots of hands-on contact, scratching, kissing, growling, licking, bighting, edging, chewing-on-nipples… *singing: these are a few of my favorite things*

It was only after the con that Ma’am located his blog and learned that he was fairly new to active BDSM play (less than a year) and VERY new to Topping.  I had no idea – after our scene together, I’d have told you he was a grand master.  It really just goes to prove that it’s not about expensive toys or technical skill (I’ve known some Tops who were technically very skilled and still as exciting to me as watching paint dry); it’s about the energy exchange and the chemistry between the players.

(By the way, Loki’s written very well about that Frolicon scene from his POV at: and .  Go read.)

So, Loki and I exchange some emails now and then; he gets invited to our Tree-house parties but never makes it up; I check in on his blog every month or two just to see how he’s doing… but we don’t see one-another for almost a year.  Then, last month, Ma’am decides we’re going down to Atlanta to 1763’s Education Stations b/c she wants to see Andrew (who was doing knife play)… and then she surprises me w/ the news that we’re having dinner w/ Loki beforehand.  Yea!  *wags*

I get a great boost of energy from being around Sir Loki (he’s a Sir, now) and his delightful pup/boy, Tebow.  I talk Ma’am into letting me go see them again at Dominion a couple of weeks later… and a couple of weeks after that she sets-up a private play-date between Loki & I.

So… after we got back from this year’s Frolicon, Ma’am called Loki and asked him if he’d be interested in letting me join his pack and serve him as my Alpha Pup.  Fortunately she woke him up from a post-con nap, and he was so groggy that he didn’t quite know what he was saying, so he agreed.  *bounces up and down and runs in circles*

I am so proud to belong to Sir Loki’s pack.  Now I not only am the happy property of the wonderful, exciting, and oh-so-sexy Shdwkitten, as well as being the family puppy of my fantastic poly in-laws: CF and the Panda (wouldn’t that be a great title for an early-1980s TV show?), but I’m also fortunate enough to have an amazing Alpha Pup and an always-amusing, little pack-brother to fill in some of the empty spaces I’ve been feeling lately.  Thank you so much, Sir!  You and Tebow are just cool beans smothered in awesome sauce!

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