Friday, April 13, 2012

Frolicon, Part 3, Saturday-day, Cum again?

I slept until about 7AM – which is late for me.  Then my Owner invited me into bed… where she proceeded to edge me for half an hour.  It was easy for her to keep me there b/c I hadn’t been given permission to shoot for two weeks.  She then informed me that while technically no longer in service to my Sir-from-yesterday, he was still the only one who might allow me to cum this weekend.  *whine*  So she patted me on the head, told me to go find him, and rolled over and went back to sleep.  *double whine*

I didn’t really know where I might find said Alpha Pup, so I decided to just follow the sounds of people getting hit.  That worked, as I soon found the Alpha Pup DM-ing the early morning spanking party.  I told him what Ma’am had said.  His answer was not promising.  *triple whine*

Then he dropped me into pup mode.  (My favorite thing!)  It was only for like an hour, but it was great!  I really needed puppy time… and his fellow DM was this cute girl w/ gorgeous, long hair who petted me.  As an added bonus to my pup-time, I managed to annoy my wife-in-law’s ex-submissive w/o even trying to.  When I told CF (my Owner’s wife) about it later, she gave me a high five!  Okay, I can accept that really puppy play probably shouldn’t be allowed at a spanking party… but shouldn’t there also be a rule about not allowing into any dungeon neurotics who have more issues than Action Comics?  I’m just say’n…

Leaving the dungeon, Sir led me by leash (My favorite thing!) back to my Owner (who was in her sexy-cool were-tiger costume).  It was now noon, so Ma’am gathered the immediate family for lunch: the Owner, her beautiful wife w/ her husband, and the family puppy.  We swapped more stories of our various activities.  My husband-in-law was spending time hanging w/ a couple of the CAPEX guys… CF was networking and made a date w/ a hot girl… my Owner was... shall we say “collecting” cute boys and girls (when you're a hot-looking, polyamorus, bisexual switch you never need to be lonely)… and I was romping w/ the pups.  Before the Con began, Ma’am had issued a declaration to the family:  “We go to con single.”  LOL.  It was a good strategy; everybody was off having fun.  (Now, if I could just get off…)

After lunch, Ma’am was crashing, so I took her to the room and put her to bed for a kitten nap.  I called Sir and was invited down to his room to hang (they were ordering pizza).  Sir had taken his peeps up to the masturbation party.  He told me that had I been there, he probably would have let me cum.  *Growls w/ frustration* 

So we just hung loose until 5PM when I had to go back up wake my Owner.  The Kitten & I had some PB&J sandwiches and then went down to the vender’s room.  Last year at Folicon I purchased a tail (my first piece of actual puppy gear… despite being a pup for many years), so it was fitting that this year I picked-up a leather puppy hood.  Ma’am bought a couple of things to hurt her pain-puppy with.  I also had the first opportunity to introduce Ma’am to two of the guys I’d met at Dominion.  They were surprised to discover that my thus-far mysteriously absent Owner was female (LOL) but quite cool w/ it.  That was really good, b/c one apprehension Ma’am has had about me spending time w/ the gay pup community is the fear that she wouldn’t be respected… but that hasn’t been the case at all.

Both Ma’am and Sir were interested in a violet wand demo, so that’s where we met back up… but the Kitten was feeling restless (social butterfly), so we left early.  We socialized some in the hallways before heading back up to our room to dress for the big dungeon party. 

To be continued...

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