Saturday, April 14, 2012

Froliocn, final part, Saturday night, Dungeons & Drunkards

Up in the room, prepping for the big Saturday night dungeon party, I got into my pup gear – w/ my new hood!  My lovely Owner had decided I’d had enough beatings for the weekend, and was content to just let me pup-out.  Ma’am walked me on-leash around the dungeon in pup-mode for a couple of laps… then the wrestling mats became available.  I got to romp w/ another pup (cute, 25-year-old, Asian twink w/ a never-ending supply of energy).  It was tremendous fun!  While he was a bit stronger than me, I think it was pretty clear that this Irish wolfhound was higher up in the pack order.  He would jump on my back, but I would be able to easily drop and roll us over, putting him on his back and using the momentum to carry me on through the roll back onto my paws, so I could quickly hop back onto him, pinning him down… where I would proceed to lick him all over his face.  :)

Great fun that it was, he is 25, and I am 36… so eventually I was worn down.  I was grateful when another little twink kid came over to wrestle him, and I could just go curl up by Sir (Ma’am had wandered off to go do her social butterfly thing again).

Eventually we all went back upstairs to change cloths and start drinking.  I popped up to my room to change and returned to Sir’s room w/ a drink I was starting and a cookie I was finishing.  Sir’s eyes lit up: “You have cookies!?  Go fetch the cookies!”  LOL.  It was the most assertive command he had given me the entire weekend.  “GO FETCH COOKIES!”

(Do all pups consider cookies a vital part of aftercare?  I had thought that was just me.)

After cookies and drinks, we went to check out some of the room parties and have more drinks.  We ended up stopping in the hotel room of two of the Dominion guys… and that’s when the fire alarm sounded!  We spilled into the hall… and to my surprise and delight, CF and my husband-in-law spilled out of the room next door – which happened to be the Wolf Den (a traditional watering hole at our CAPEX parties).  Sir mentioned that he was hungry, so I brought him to the Wolf Den.  He got some food… and then revealed that he had this secret wish to touch some boobs – just to try it out.  Well, first he tried my wife-in-law’s date.  He had this whole, long spiel: “Hi. I’m gay. It’s been many years since I touched boobs. Yours are very nice. Yadda, yadda, yadda.” 

He tried hers out… and I was like, “Sir, if you wanted touch boobs, then you should have just said something.”  So I just holler at CF (who has some first class knockers) to come over and tell her to remove her shirt, which she does, and Sir gets booby-fondle number two.  The punch line of this story actually comes later when we told Ma’am about it.  Her response: “God damn it! I was lusting after this man for how many years, and well [said to me] first you get him, and now [to CF] he’s fondling your boobs.  This is not fair!”  LOL.

Well, that pretty much does it.  After booze and boobs we drifted out of the Wolf Den, said our goodnights, and staggered back to our respective hotel rooms.  Definitely an all-around excellent con w/ very few complaints!  Ma’am’s birthday present to me was certainly one of my best ever… and that leads me into one important post-Frolicon announcement… which I’ll just save for another post.  Got’a try and keep you folks in suspense, right?


  1. First Class Knockers???

    OK that is a compliment!!!!

  2. Well, you wouldn't want second class knockers would you?

  3. lol. Nope. That would be kinda scary ! I have seen 4th class knockers and wanted to run under the bed and hide! Did I mention they were on a man LMAO
    OK I am just a funny person.

    glad you like mine! We (me and my boobies) will see you soon.

  4. They were without a doubt the best pair of knockers I've ever played with.