Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Froliocon, Part 1, Thursday night, Welcome back!

So let’s start w/ the pre-con curse.  I seem to have this luck that every year, a few days before a big con, something crappy will happen to potentially rain on my parade.  Often it’s been a severe cold – yeah, I’ve frequently been the bringer of the con-crud.  One year it was an infected bug bite that turned into an unattractive skin rash.  This year: an ugly, itchy poison ivy rash right smack on my belly.  :(

*sigh*  Well, what are you gon’na do? 

Go have fun anyway!  I was highly excited about this con b/c of the birthday present my Owner had arranged for me.  She had arranged for me to be in service all day Friday to an Alpha Pup I’ve been crushing on since… well, since last year’s Frolicon when he was “kind” enough to provide my birthday spankings (which he multiplied by seven to do it in dog years… I’m pretty sure he was supposed to divide by seven to get my equivalent dog age, but I was not in any position to argue the point then.)

I made good time driving to Atlanta, Thursday, despite a patch of hail and a tornado warning.  My Owner had already gone down and checked in.  I arrived at the hotel early, but it took me a good 10-15 minutes of continuous re-dialing to get my Owner on the phone so she could tell her puppy/pack-mule were to schlep all of our luggage up to.

Next, I had to go get registered b/c I was due to DM the dungeon party in like half an hour.  I hear that in general registration went very smooth this year.  I’m glad… however, that was not my experience.  They lost my name, and b/c my wife-in-law bought the passes they needed her to come get my badge for me.  So I was in the lobby for a good 30+ minutes of more continuous re-dialing, trying to get either my Owner or her wife on the phone.  It was a bit frustrating, but eventually I got word to the ladies and they came and collected my badge for me.

Fortunately, it turned out that we had plenty of DMs for that first shift at the party, and so I wouldn’t be needed until the next shift started in half an hour.  So I left the dungeon to go wander… and ran into my Sir-for-a-day and his pup/boy.  We chatted for a bit before I led them off to the dungeon – them to play and me to DM.

I was a bit apprehensive about DM-ing Frolicon b/c there are so many novice players at this event (and some folks who forget to kink before they drink), so it keeps the DMs on their toes.  No sooner did I arrive than my wife-in-law was in need of stopping a scene b/c some little newbie boy was flogging his poor play partner in the neck and face and kidneys…  CF (that would be my wife-in-law) scared the little boy so bad when she stepped in that he scampered off and left his toys behind.  We all got a tremendous laugh out of that.

We had a pretty good play-party going for a Thursday night, and the con was off to a good start.  At one point, CF was talking to a straight friend of hers who glanced over her shoulder and rolled his eyes.  “Well, there it is!” he flatly declared, “The first man-on-man kiss of the con!” 

CF turned and looked… and busted out laughing.  “That’s my wife’s puppy,” she explained.

“Oh,” he says.  “Um… that’s cool.”

LOL.  Yeah, after my shift had ended (10:30) I found a very cute beagle-boy and, we were snogging in the dungeon.  (My favorite thing!)

I think it was around 11:30 when I went upstairs w/ Sir and his beagle to visit the “cops & robbers” theme party.  Once there, Sir proceeded to engage me in one of the hottest make-out sessions of my life!  It consisted of a mixture of passionate kissing (Wow! Can that Alpha Pup kiss!) and serious bighting (My favorite thing!).  We were both leaning up against a wall and going at it so intensely that I literally went all wobbly in my legs.  I just sank to the floor at Sir’s feet and hugged his leg.  I think I stayed like that for a while in a very spacey, happy head-space...

After midnight I followed Sir back to his hotel room for a little more making-out (this time w/ his boy/pup included in a three-way clinch).  I finally left them and headed back to my own family’s room about 1:30-ish in the morning.  I made my bed on the floor (I’m not allowed to sleep on furniture), and turned-in.  My lovely Owner showed up some time later, after having a rather amorous evening of her own w/ a girl and a guy that she met.  Welcome to Frolicon, folks!

To be continued…

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