Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Service Puppy... or Service vs. Puppy

Last night, my Owner’s wife posed me a question:  How come I rarely ever pup-out at our home BDSM group?  I mean, I am a pup.  Pup play is my favorite thing! (See previous post for reference.)  I love to pup-out when I go to other clubs or venues or kinky cons… but at my home club it’s pretty rare to actually see me on all fours barking and chasing balls.  So my wife-in-law asked me why that is.

At first I couldn’t really come up w/ a reason.  Then my Owner (always insightful) provided us w/ the answer.  When I pup-out it’s a completely free and relaxed mindset.  When I’m attending my home club I always feel (as mentioned previously) “on duty.”  It’s hard for me to pup-out b/c I feel like I need to be on-hand for whatever might need to be done.  It’s probably a completely false perception on my part.  I mean, there’s nothing written in stone that says I have to volunteer or be ready to offer advice or take over as social director while a board member goes for a smoke…  But by now it’s habit.  And, of course, I enjoy helping out!  I take great pride in my home group and like to do whatever I can to make each event run smooth.  I am a service-pup after all.

When I’m away at another venue, I feel like I’m free to drop to all fours and romp about.  But… I think I’m going to make it a resolution to try to pup-out more frequently while at home.

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  1. wife -in-law??? I like that name!!!

    I like it when ya pup out! hugs